Episode 14 – A short Covid-19 conversation

We talk in this short episode with David Blake from Bioshares about Covid-19 how its diagnosed, potential treatments, vaccines and investment implications.

This is something different to our usual contents and quite specific to the current market and events happening.

This is just a short snippet from a much longer and wide ranging conversation which will feature in a full episode in future.

Episode 13 – Mark Tobin, what to look for in a small cap.

In this episode we talk with Mark Tobin and discuss his experience analysing and investing in small cap stocks. He talks us through his background, personal investing approach and attributes he’s observed in successful small caps that have grown much larger.

We discuss what professional fund managers are looking for in a smaller company and how a smaller investor can use this to their advantage, the long term approach to holding small caps, portfolio allocation, and much more.

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Episode 12 – Ivan Tanner

In this episode we talk with Ivan Tanner who is a private investor predominately in small cap ASX companies. Ivan takes a conviction approach building a substantial stake in a company once he has done his requisite diligence and research.

We talk about the psychology of money, understanding what your own unique approach is, advantages of running a small account balance and some of his techniques to asses company management teams.

The books Ivan mentions in the show are:

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