Episode 26 – ESG and other considerations when assessing investments.

In this episode we speak to Emilie and Cluny about the different considerations that participants on both the buy and sell side take into account when looking into a company or investment.  We dig into ESG, what it means, why it matters and the performance edge when using it as a criteria for choosing investments.   […]

Episode 25 – Fighting yourself. Emotions, mental health and the markets

This episode is all about you.  Your emotions, your phycology and how important it is to manage your expectations, emotions and life – to make sure you have the best chance of succeeding in the market. We talk with Savilian about the importance of mental health and being on top of your game. He talks […]

Episode 23 – More than just a West Perth broker | Shane Wee

In this episode we chat with Shane Wee from Alto Capital and discuss his background, experience in the finance industry and passions outside of work.  We talk about the importance of loyalty, mentorship and mental health as well as the regular ten bagger related topics and tips.  https://themagiccoat.com/ https://www.amazon.com/Dont-Sweat-Small-Stuff-Its/dp/0786881852

Episode 22 – Understanding the behaviour factors in finance with Ted Richards

This episode is a conversation we recorded with Ted Richards earlier in 2020. We discuss behaviour finance, the human factors and psychology that comes into financial decision making.  We talk about some of the common behavioural biases and reasons people make, or struggle to make good decisions. Ted works at Six Park, an automated investing […]

Episode 21 – Extracting alpha from illiquid microcaps with Ian Cassel

In this episode we talk to Ian Cassel a prominent microcap investor, author and founder of MicroCapClub.com  We hear about how Ian found himself so passionate about microcaps and what he learnt throughout his journey. The discussion covers liquidity in microcaps, how to research and identify potential multibaggers and position sizes in a portfolio.  Links […]

Episode 20 – A portfolio approach to small caps with David McNamee at Altor Capital

David is a portfolio manager at Altor Capital and manages the Altor Alpha Fund. As at October 2020 the Alpha fund has returned over 240% since its inception in April 2019. In this discussion David shares his thoughts on the current market conditions, the way he approaches small companies and running a portfolio of different […]

Episode 18 – Explaining resolutions, capital raises and corporate considerations with Toby Hicks

On the way to a ten bagger is usually lots of paperwork. For both the company and shareholders.  In this episode we talk to Toby Hicks who works in corporate law at Steinepreis Paganin.  We discuss what all the paperwork you receive means and why it is sent. Toby explains what companies have to keep […]

Episode 17 – Combining geology and finance to find opportunities with Alex Rovira

In this episode we speak with Alex Rovira who talks us through the process of trying to identify and develop economic mineral deposits.  From pegging the ground, identifying who’s running the company, surveying the ground, getting drilling happening, and what makes a deposit economic. We dig into some of the technical aspects of exploration and […]

Episode 16 – Working out whats cheap, before the market does | Harley Grosser, Capital H Management

In this episode we talk to Harley Grosser, founder of Capital H Management Harley is an active small and microcap investor, who started trading his personal account, then gained experience working at a small cap fund manager and subsequently launched his own fund. We talk about the things Harley’s background, what got him interested and invested […]

Episode 15 – David Blake on what to consider when investing in a biotech

We speak with David Blake from Bioshares about all things biotech.   Biotech shares are often volatile and valations can change very quickly. This episode explains the different types of life sciences companies, major milestones and catalysts.  We also talk about what to consider when investing in biotech companies and opportunities for smaller and private investors. You […]

Episode 13 – Mark Tobin, what to look for in a small cap.

In this episode we talk with Mark Tobin and discuss his experience analysing and investing in small cap stocks. He talks us through his background, personal investing approach and attributes he’s observed in successful small caps that have grown much larger. We discuss what professional fund managers are looking for in a smaller company and […]

Episode 12 – Ivan Tanner

In this episode we talk with Ivan Tanner who is a private investor predominately in small cap ASX companies. Ivan takes a conviction approach building a substantial stake in a company once he has done his requisite diligence and research. We talk about the psychology of money, understanding what your own unique approach is, advantages […]